Welcome to Blameless Children's Charity

Helping children of recovering alcoholics & drug addicts

Who Are We?

Blameless Charity was formed to provide fun times, happy memories and a vision of hope for the future for children and families affected by alcoholism and addiction.

Our offices and premises are resident inside the ground of Hamilton Accies Stadium.

There we have facilities to accommodate our community with recovery days and open days. We have festivals, fun days, play days and cover all festive periods and all school holidays.

Our children’s area consist of a man made beach with 150 tonnes of sand. We have BBQ areas, football facilities, a recording studio, sensory room, Castle Hope, crazy golf and gardens to keep the families and children entertained on special events, birthdays etc.

Also courtesy of Hamilton Accies we have a team of volunteers that meet, greets and co-ordinates a number of Blameless families who watch all the home football matches. Blameless has various away day outings and residential trips to Eden Village, Cumbernauld. Our day trips can range from go-karting, pictures, carnivals, circus, pantomimes and plays all over Scotland.

Who Qualifies?

To ensure Blameless focus remains helping those directly affected by the effects of drug and alcohol abuse we have created guidelines for those included.  There are three affected parties Blameless will include; these are outlined below:




Recovering Parent

Third Party

Family or friend

“Addiction is a hugely important matter – one that affects millions of families throughout Scotland in one way or another – and we feel that by delivering such talks to people that we can quite literally change the lives of so many people.”
Colin McGowan - Chief Executive, Hamilton Academical

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See How We Work!

Some local community highlights from day trips and other events we host

2017 - Recovery walk

The annual recovery walk event is the largest in Scotland that celebrates recovery from substance use and has been held every year since 2013.

2017 - All set for another trip

Over the course of the year families can take part in our residential trips, allowing the families to engage in fun activities, family bonding and reconciliation.

2018 - Easter egg hunt

Each year Blameless hosts a selection of events for children to engage in fun group activities over holiday seasons.

2018 - Teaming up with " We are with you"

Dynamic Earth centre in Edinburgh takes visitors on a journey, showing how Earth works, life has evolved in its differing environments and the challenges it faces.

2019 - Christmas surprise

Christmas can be a tough time of year for those in need, but in 2019 Santa showed his support by giving presents to kids of Blameless.

2020 - Food for the community

During the Covid19 crisis our PPE equipped volunteers took time to provide food parcels to families in need of support.

2020 - Thank you to our volunteers

Our volunteers work throughout the year to provide support to those in need. Without them Blameless wouldn't be where it is today. Thank you!