How do I volunteer?

You don’t have to be in recovery or have any sort of identifiable skills to work as a volunteer with Blameless.

f you are in recovery and want to work with Blameless, we use the theory of Alcoholics Anonymous as to how they define being in recovery.

Anyone else not in recovery or anyone in the family side of recovery are welcome to apply to us to become a volunteer.

All volunteers will be on a probationary period of 6 Months minimum and will be subject to an enhanced disclosure, along with an induction and child protection training.

Blameless tries to work from a spiritual perspective.  So it see’s all roles and responsibilities involved with Blameless to be of value and importance.  Although we have a line structure, there should never be anyone working from a superior or inferior point of view or hill top.

We have various areas and ways of work that you can consider doing voluntary.

  • Working on daily outings and trips away to various parts of Scotland etc.
  • Participating in our fundraising events.
  • Working in the office and the various roles within the office.
  • Venture in our residential stays away in retreat.
  • Work in the Blameless escape, participating in birthdays, fun days, open days and any other event.
  • Work in the school of music and in our recording studio participating in our classes.
  • Play a staff role in our monthly gatherings, where we set up various classes, entertainment and recovery orientated workshops and events.

Training & Growth

All staff that give their time to Blameless in a voluntary capacity will be given the opportunity to find themselves, who they are, what their strengths and assets in life are, what they are passionate about, where they want to go in life and what they would like to change.

Volunteering with Blameless can be a path of self discovery and we offer staff the tools to not just grow in life itself but the chance to help others in life by giving new direction.

We network with other organisations and our staff have the chance to advance academically with training from Strada, Assist, Van L, ILA and in house training.  We are always thriving to gain new ground in the pursuit of training.

As a Blameless volunteer you will make new friends,find a new social structure, and have many functions to build, bond and have fun together.

Information for volunteers

Although all roles will be different in respect of where the volunteer has chosen to work, there are rules which need to be complied to in each area.

Volunteer Forms

Registration of interest template
Volunteer application form template

Volunteers Should

  • Protect themselves, other staff members and service users at all times in accordance with the child protection training. (all staff will be given a child protection policy booklet)
  • Stick to the policies and procedures set out in the Blameless Constitution. (Shortnote) in Policies 4.12.3 of the booklet (All staff will be given a constitution)
  • Be accountable for their attendance at run up meetings or staff meetings in accordance to whatever event is happening in which ever area of work the volunteer has committed to.
  • All staff will be given an induction as to what blameless is and what is expected of them once they have chosen an area or various areas to work.
  • They will be eased into their specific role and should shadow a more experienced staff member until they are familiar with the role.
  • Staff in recovery who have experience of the 12 steps should adhere to the 12 steps only sharing their own experience.
  • Be vigilant of tones and approaches to children or service users, where it could be hurtful or harmful.
  • Refrain from foul, negative or immoral talk to service users.
  • Be aware of boundaries of an explicit nature.
  • Comply to all rules set up at events already.
  • Speak in staff meetings of concerns and keep confidentiality at all times, especially after events.
  • Stick to designated roles and descriptions in their job.
  • Stay in pairs at all times when appropriate or relevant.
  • Be accountable for any late times or absence of any meetings or work committed to.
  • Be punctual with time management.
  • Be totally abstinent from alcohol and drugs at all times.
  • Support all families, in particular new or isolated families.
  • Identify themselves by wearing a badge or jumper at all times during events.
  • Report to management any internal issues that can’t be resolved via a service user or other member of staff.
  • Be reimbursed for petrol or bus fares and lunch, providing they bring a receipt. (Where possible we would ask to car share in order to save expenses.)

Volunteers Should Not

  • Put any of their own issues onto service users.
  • Become too over familiar with service users and staff members.
  • Express opinions on non factual solutions in life.
  • Have relationships at an intimate level with service users or staff.
  • Sign post or give information of possible places that can be helpful to someone that Blameless don’t know anything about.
  • All Blameless volunteers must refrain from using social media or breaking the anonymity of any of our family’s participation with Blameless.

Create Your Profile

Help us to help you create a profile. If you can draw a picture or tell us what you are like
  • What kind of personality do you have?
  • What attracted you to us?
  • What can you offer us?
  • What would you like to do with us?
  • What can we do for you?
  • What do you hope to gain working with us?