About Us

Fun in recovery!

Blameless is a family orientated organisation whose purpose is to raise awareness of the dangers of alcohol and drug use.  We aim to advance the education of young people and families, highlighting the dangers and hardship of alcoholism or addiction.

Children, parents, affected family members and dependants are provided much needed distractions, happy memories, recreational activities and other opportunities with the main goal being “fun in recovery”.

Hamilton Academical FC

Visit the stadium!

We offer an annual program of events within the stadium at Hamilton Academical including summer programs, fireworks night and Christmas panto’s where all members of the family are invited.  This also includes a chance to attend home games of Hamilton Accies, an SPL football team.

Providing Essential Items

We're here to help!

Blameless volunteers operate a small food parcel service for families who are in the early stages of their recovery to assist with every day essentials.

We also provide our own transport to ensure everyone has the opportunity to attend excursions and other events.

Away Trips

Register for our residential trips!

Over the course of the year families can register to take part in our residential trips away, allowing the families to engage in fun activities, family bonding and reconciliation.  

Children have the opportunity to learn new skills, form new friendships and learn about their family’s addiction and how to assist in the recovery.

Board of Trustees

Colin McGowan

Alex McGrath

Kirsty Briggs

Tom Wotherspoon