The Twelve Commitments

Blameless is designed to sign post people into 12 step programmes and a new way of life coupled by our own structure which is set up for children and families to keep coming back to receive our love, caring and guidance to different paths of recovery

I acknowledge my children were blameless and I the addict was responsible for making their lives chaotic, sad, desperate and unmanageable.

I believe wholeheartedly, a power greater than myself, will help me restore normality to the lives of my children.

I have made a decision to assist in the improvement of their lives with the help of a God as I understand him.

I will make daring, inventive and ever changing inventories of things that will change the lives of my children for the better and work with them to achieve this.

I acknowledge to God, myself and my children the part I played in their misery, careful to replace guilt with the positive actions of love, care and understanding.

I will continue to pray to God to help dull their memories of pain and suffering and replace them with new memories of Joy, Love and Happiness.

Humbly ask God to help guide me as I set out on this journey to Family Recovery.

Calmly and if possible, without guilt, acknowledge the harm and suffering I caused to my children and give an undertaking to God and myself never to repeat the actions.

Make gradual amends through actions of Love, Understanding and Togetherness.

Continue with Purpose and Loving Care and when mistakes happen, endeavour to learn from them as a family unit.

Seek through Prayer, Meditation and Action to improve the lives of my children. Praying for Loving Guidance and the power to carry that out.  Praying for continued Spiritual Guidance as a result of those commitments.  I will then have played my part in installing Love, Peace, Joy and Happiness into the lives of the children I Love.

Pray for continued spiritual guidance as a result of these commitments with the hope that there is now Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness and Harmony when there was once only pain and suffering and maybe now I can call myself a parent.