Labour leader visits recovery village site

Labour leader visits recovery village site

The Children’s Charity Blameless was delighted to welcome Labour Party leader Anas Sarwar and his very cheerful staff to the proposed site of our recovery village in the North Stand of Hamilton Academical FC’s stadium. 

Mr Sarwar and Trustee Colin McGowan (pictured) toured the site on Friday.

Trustee Colin McGowan said: “We were absolutely thrilled to have Anas and his staff take time out of their busy political schedule to witness the great work we are trying to do here.

“Anas and his family have always been fantastic supporters of our work. Several years ago, Anas and his sons abseiled down the Titan Crane and raised an incredible amount of work for us here at Blameless. 

“This relationship has grown as we have worked with the Sarwar Foundation over the last three Christmas periods to provide toys to children across Scotland.”

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